We Specialize in Visual Content Creation,

Material Outsourcing and Technical Support

Elegance of line, specific materials and attention to detail.  

Working hand in hand with our clients, Hoch3Consulting helps facilitate design ideas and create plans to ensure uneventful implementation.

Creating fine visual content, providing access to unique and hard to find materials and designing mechanical and technical support systems,

we are committed to providing “individual solutions” tailored to each client’s own personal style.

We work to help turn original conceptual designs into reality.

Perhaps our most recognizable signature is in our 3D models and renderings.

Hoch3Consulting creates pixel perfect representations of the highest quality interior materials, textures, fabrics, furnishings and lighting designs as well as perfectly appointed exterior details.

Designers and developers often ask for hard to find and rare alternative artisan materials, such as volcanic stone, liquid metals, bohemian crystal, along to an extensive catalogue of woods, metals, leather, stone and fabric.

Unique material and textural choices that are at the heart of bespoke design.

Exacting in detail and demanding

in quality.

Often the best ideas lose their originality in corporate design red tape where “standard” is the norm;

it is one thing to create a picture illustrating a unique design idea

but it is quite another to realize individual technical specifications needed for it to exist in the real world.

To solve these problems, Hoch3Consulting produces 2D and 3d schematics of the technical requirements for our clients’ designs as well as assembly techniques needed for the installation.


Visual Content Creation, Material Outsourcing & Technical Support

Selected Clients

- Dölker + Voges

- Tillberg of Sweden

- Zuretti Interior Architects

- Ritz Carlton Yacht Collection

- SDC Hamburg

- Burgess

- Ruby Cruises

- TUI Cruises

- Castlemain Ltd.

- Dream Cruises

- Taylor Howes

- Crystal Caviar

- Honda Europe

- Michelle Cezanne MC

- Yacht and Cruise Projects